Saturday, May 9, 2009


I guess I'm going to start busy from tomorrow on wards. Tomorrow 1.30 will be going to an orientation at KL Plaza, finalllYYyyy... But i feel damn nervous, do not know what is going to be and... I really want to put down weight, arhHhhh....=S

Next Monday going to start working at Door Mail. They allow me to try for few weeks, if i cannot achieve what they want, i may be FIRED!!! That's why I've been practising my Illustrator skills yesterday, really afraid I can't achieve what they want and end up with nothing. Damn...i must make it!!! By the way, this is a really cool website for you to learn Illustrator skill, Check it out!!! You will know you can do a lot more, more than you know!!!

Things i haven't done so far are...go back to college to collect back all my works, i do not want my work to covered with dust!!! And go to Antalis once to look for paper. transport, how to go!!! Renew license, earn money.


chrysalyst said...

hey~thanks a lot for the recommendation! ur blog header looks damn cool! love it! haha

i cant wait to get back to hometown to try out all the them! excited excited!

sOOk aNN said...

haha.. pris the magician..
Your banner looks like magician..
very hard to believe

Priscillia said...

To krystal: You are most welcome=)Must try, must try...=)

To Ann: Haha, that stick is a magic wand, a tool from illustrator.Go to thte website and you willc reate magic=P

cassiopeia said...

dear pp, i know you can do it.
don't so stress on it before you really get into your possition first. who knows you can do it more then what you expected?! so ,do your best!!!

Priscillia said...

O...thank you yeow yuan. Hope everything will be fine tomorrow=)