Monday, May 18, 2009

Should I???

Today is the second week of working, as i mentioned previously, i'm getting busier and busier with the workloads. I might have to stayback for OT until late night on next week. I told my mum i bring back work to do from office and she said 'don't be so stupid,u not suppose to bring back job to home'. I just keep silent, my opinion is once i have not passed the probationary period, i must do whatever i can to impress the boss.

Guess wahat, i saw Ms Lee today(TKD dudes, you know who i'm saying) and she will be advertising New Gen TKD club with Doormail. So...i'l be in charged her ad and i already done today, just a little but of modification.

Back to my topic, while i'm on my way back from home. Mum talked to me about buying a car, share with my brother. Okay...i want a car too, but i have to save my salary for school fees, i don't have any extra for other thing. When i told her this, she mentioned about the course i'm taking, not the FA course, is the GD course. From the beggining until now, she has never supported me to take this course, not even once!!! Keep saying when i get married, no time for husband, sit in the office all the time, stress...etc. Yes, i know all these. But it is my dream; my passion towards design. I know she wants me to quit this course and become FA, this is what i'm thinking too. I have two more years to go and more than 40k to complete my degree. I might have to quit my study and go for flying. Another choice is, finish my degree and fly after i graduate. OR!!! Quit>Fly>earn money>Study overseas.

I guess I'll have to wait for the interview for the airlines and see whether i get accepted or not and decide whether.... 'Should i quit GD or not?'


SHUXIN said...

U're applying for air stewardess? Fly? Why fly? Work in overseas?
I think la, working in overseas hmm, if u hv place to stay den u can earn alot, if not, the living expenses gonna cancel off with ur salary.. Its lik...almost d same amount u earn locally.. Coz as i know, their rental is counted per week.. And it cost lik.. few hundred..

This is my opi la, hopes it dont offense u=)

Take care!

Ju Lian said...

if got chance to fly! GO FOR IT!!! =)

Priscillia said...

To Shuxin: I currently taking Flight Attendant course, so...i might be working as stewardess in future. I'm not going overseas to work, but i wish to study overseas. What i meant is i earn money first before i cna continue my degree.
Thanks for you opinion anyways. Muackssss=)

To Ju: Haha...from the beginning until now, i know you support me. But you will not be seeing me after 5months break, maybe Air Asia, perhaps??? Hahaha...=P

Ju Lian said...

lol! I rather see u at the airport! =D
i'm chasing my dream too!!!

I nak correct one of ur reply there, hope u dont mind =)
hehee ''To Shuxin: I currently taking Flight Attendant course, so...i might be working as stewardess in future.''

Is not 'might', is u 'WILL BE'!!!

Priscillia said...

To Julian: Lol..i will become cabin crew for sure, but i wish to get a degree cert too=)
Thanks Ju~~~