Monday, May 11, 2009

First day

As time pass by, thing will pass too... difficult day of first day working had passed. I was so nervous this morning, when i was in front of the office, no one is there yet. Everyone is late!!! My mum was waiting with me until one of the staff arrive. When i stepped into the office, i just sat on the chair for 30minutes i guess. I was waiting someone to give me a job, until another staff, which is the graphic designer told me that she had something for me to do. Yes!!! I feel so happy that finally someone notice my existence and give me some job to do. First task, draw a map,i used illustrator to draw it, used about 3 hours to finish; second task, modified three advertisement, i managed to finished 2. Finish work at 6pm and waited for mum until 7pm=S reach home around 7.30. PhewWwww~~~

Tomorrow will be another good day=)

p/S: Thank you very much to my beloved yeow yuan for the encouragement=)


levanan said...

support u mentally!!!

Priscillia said...

Thank you very muchie=)