Sunday, May 3, 2009


Getting ready to fly the kite, yohoo~~~

The cute little boy who's standing in from of us, really innocent.

Best of the best, best of the best, best of the BESTEST friends eveeeerRrr...

Sky is full of kitesss

I love both of you a lot!!!

It had been a long long time I'd never fly kites with my friends, both of them are my real best friends in my life. I'm glad we had this thing happened on yesterday. This outdoor activity is happier than anything else, I rather to have this every week than watching movie or go shopping together.
Yesterday was a tiring day for me, I went out from afternoon until night. Watch Sniper, fly kites and had class. It was a happy day=)
This morning, as usual,went to class and sitting in from of TV for whole day until now. I was watching History channel just now and get to know about 'Unit 731', a Japan unit which experimented on human body for biological test. It reminds me about Ms Jinchi who is so passionate about this War history. Yes, she did influenced me a lot and I'd been watching this kind of show recently. Looking back, how suffer these people are... So, what i want to say is,
'Treasure your life, no take two!!!'


Keng Wei said...

i can see roughly the cute little boy's ass from that pic u kite never fly,it always drop..lousy me=.=

Priscillia said...

Siao kia, very porn, see his butt. This little kid was actually put the kite's string inside his pant, haha...relaly cute.

By the way, do you want to learn the kite lesson from me? FOC=P

cassiopeia said...

keng wei, haha you dare to say ur kite nvr fly here!! haha
you BT la see little boy's ass pula =.= poor you!!!haha

haha pp...
we need to remember the funny , annouying enough stranger!!! hahaha

Keng Wei said...

aiyo..i just tell what i saw from that picture ma T.T
is like a love shape=p
FOC?"got so big frog jumping everywhere at the street anot"?

i stil rmb i drag the kite at the street until it tear then i give up to play liao..=)

Anonymous said...

love shape somemore uncle lim....=.="""" i really dun even notice bout that...
btw, since u are so honest bout ur stupidity of flying i oso willing to teach u FOC...since three of us are expert of it...=p