Sunday, May 10, 2009

Phew... was a tired tired tiring day for MEEeeee. My leg is going to break into pieces, my waist pain like hell. Holy i need a tv, just want to sit back and relax. But!!! Moron brother is watching football. Damn it!!!

Okay...about today's orientation, i thought it suppose to be an 'ORIENTATION', but is a class too, i should say i officially start the FA class today. O well...pretty girls are there, they wear heels, formal clothes. Me??? A dress and....sandal!!! But is okay for the first time, but is a big NO NO for next week. Shit...the instructor told us to put at least two different colour of eye shadow on our eyes!!! ArHhhh...i hate this!!! I'm going to look like a monster. What colour i'm going to put? Damn it!!!

TodayYyyy...i learned the sitting and standing posture, o my gosh!!! This pose is tiring man!!! My waist and leg are cram like hell. Next, we learn Public Speaking, just a short one; divided into three groups and the group leader is going to speak in front. So, i am the one to speak in front. The instructor (I forgot her name) is going to judge us and the best one will become the class monitor for one day? Silly right? I guess they want to allow everyone to take turn to become the class monitor. Yea, a lot more i learn today, and i don't feel like typing all out here.

I'm going to start working tomorrow, arhHhhh...pretty nervous!!! I really scared, really scared, very scared... Scared scared scared... Afraid....Trauma... ArhHH...HHHHhhhhhhhhhhhh


死者苏生 said...

i really hope can see two different colour of eye shadow on your eyes.

sure very bizarrerie ! haha

sOOk aNN said...

Pris Pris, good luck in your new FA class and Tml work.
Dare to ask question if you don't know about it.
Don't scare don't scare..
When you are scare, think of me, you will be ok.. especially when I talk.. hehe

Priscillia said...

To Soo: what is bizarrie? You will not have a chance to see=P

To Ann: haha..think of you i will laugh=P Smart corrrnnnNNn=P
Anyways..thanks a lot=)