Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What's wrong???

Since last Sunday, my mum had treated me differently. Her tempered is getting worse and worse. Sunday morning when i awake, she nagged at me, scold me but i do nothing wrong. When i knock her door tell her I'm going to training, she talks to me in a fierce way. Since then...i started to keep quiet all the time when i see her and do not want to speak a word!!!

Monday until now, she not even changed, i cried alone every time when she treated me like this. What's wrong with her tempered? Today, while she's sending me back from work, she bang at the sterling hardly because of the red light. When we arrived at her shop, i straight away go to the other room, i do not want to stay with her. I mad at her so much. While i am waiting for her in front of Jusco for 15minutes, my stomach is playing drum, i wanted to call her and tell her i want to buy some food to eat from Jusco, she do not even say a 'hello' when i call her, she shout at me 'COMING COMING!!!'. As if i do something wrong... I cried again today when I'm alone in the room and i feel really upset towards her attitude. Her tempered is getting worse, whats wrong??? Don't tell me is 'geng nian qi'. It does not make sense, this had already passed.

I will just keep myself quiet whenever i see her. I hope i still can stand for her tempered, if not...


死者苏生 said...

dun be so upset, anythings happen also got our( 5 Mulia group) to support.

Ju Lian said...

aiyo, my mum also like that!!!
juz ignore her la,,
i'm used to it already since young, so i buat tak tau jer..
so nx time when u always bz flyg around the world,,she will treat u very very very nice de =) trust me!

char said...

maybe she have some problems that annoys her?
or maybe if you dare not to talk to her, you can try to write a letter, or by sms also can,
tell her what's you feel.
maybe she'll realize the way she did this few days are wrong.
add oil my dear~ =)

Priscillia said...

To Soo: Yea, i know... You guys are so supportive=P

To Ju: Haha, i hope what you said is true=P

To Char: I decide to remain quiet if she continue to treat me like this, i cannot fight back, otherwise, it gonna be very worse. I will never wrote her a letter or what so ever...So kolot...@.@

To All: I'm just expressing my feelings my blog, thats the only way i can do and it make me feel much better, thanks for all the comments=)

nzhaoc2pid said...

i think ur fren char is not trying to ask u fight back~
jz wan u to talk nicely to her bout the prob~
and those method she mention is really quite kolot but somehow i blif it works~
so jz try it out better than jz do nth~

Priscillia said...

yea, i know what she meant. The fight back is my own opinion, not abour her's. Haiyah...i mean i just keep quiet when she scold me. You get me wrong la!!! Thinki so sui looi bao meh.

I'm not the extra-ordinary kidz. said...

can i know how old is ur mum??
i'm just wondering if is ur mum reach to her更年期?
i'm not kidding with tht, i'm quite serious...
cuz u know sometimes when parents' temper get worst, then it gives us an alert is their geng nian qi coming....

Hetan1314 said...

That's was quite a worst scenario , but i think everything happen for a reason , your mum wont just changes her attitude towards you so drastically of all sudden ...so I agree that there were something really annoyed your's mum as your friend's said . Break the ice and try to discuss with your's mum over this problem or use the way your's friend mention( I think It will works) ^^

Cheers up ^^ Everything will be fine soon ~.~