Thursday, May 21, 2009

Another good day

Time will prove every thing, tomorrow will be anotehr better day. Day by day, my mood getting better, and almost heal!!! Yeah!!! Everything is back to normal...hooray!!!

I just reached home not long ago, had dinner at 999. I bought two shirts, two books, two Chupa Chup today, haha...everything in double... And some cosmetics. So excited to get new things, lol...=D AwWWWw...i can't imagine how will it be when come to next week... Hope my hair will not drop too much. Keep myself happy, keep myself free from STRESssss....

p/s: For GD08', Ms TY called me today, please collect back your work before next Friday, otherwise...hahaha!!! You know whats going to happen...=D


char said...

great to know that you are being in a better mood now~
take care! =)

Priscillia said...