Friday, July 31, 2009


Hip Hip, Hooray; Hip hip, Hooray!!! I feel so happy right now!!! Finally, the publication for Aug has done!!! Yeah yeah!!! Finish at sharp 6pm and i called my mum and picked me up after that. Now, yoohoo...relax at home and going to meet my jie mooi later. Yay!!!

The feeling is just like...after SPM, haha... I smile all the way to home. Flashing back, all the hard works, stress... One shoot disappear!!! Feel so good, damn good.

Not forget to thanks to Mulian for giving me support through msn and showing concerned when every time i stay up late. Aligatur~~~

I don't get one week off on next Monday due to some works which i haven't done. BUT!!! I will get off on the following week.



SHUXIN said...

YO!!! Gooodd (: No wonder ur msn pm so happy larr..

Priscillia said...

haha...yalar, finally i am free... Until and of Aug=P