Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Date with someone

Guess what is this??? A plastic bag from...ermmm...
PASAR MALAM (night market) lar...what else??

As requested, i cannot take her face, so...just the hands are available...=S
The story is... After work, my best friend-YEOW YUAN picked me up from Jusco bus stop. I accompany her to Bianco for haircut, haha...not bad la her haircut, look better than before. After that, we went to night market for a short walk since i don't have dinner, bought some junk food, eat ice cream, yummmm~~~ As usual, around 8pm, the road over my place is so so JAM!!! Yy did something silly, she shouted '很难上啊~~~' when she drove uphill to my apartment. Damn silly...=.=' Chit chat all the way from aman puri to my apartment... It was nice though.
This 'someone' is really special for me, love her more than anything else. Always the first one to comfort me when i feel so down; the first one i will look for when i feel upset; always the first one to call me when i message her whenever i am so 'desperate' (right, yy?) Thanks for the 'thing', you know what i'm talking, no one will know, except me and you. As we promised, i hope we can meet up at least once a month no matter how busy we are.


beh said...

i hope i can join u all...T___T
i want to see yy's new hairstyle..post it up here k???? plsssss!!!!
i love u two..muacks

Priscillia said...

Beh~~~I wish you were there too. But, in our conversation, your name will always appear, 'beh beh beh beh beh beh'. Even the hairstylist told me, 'your friend went to Aus already'.=)

I'm waiting for you and i'm missing you=)