Monday, July 6, 2009


At last, i can stay at home for one whole day, stay at home...hahaha...=D BUT!!! Once i get up in the morning, switch on my phone, office people called me!!! Asked me when i will go back to work, a lot of works waiting for me to do, faster come back...bla bla bla... GOD!!! I'm still in holiday, can't you all give me a break??? After that, another colleague called me again but i didn't pick up, of course...i called her back later, saying the SAME THING again!!! choice, i will have to go back to work one day earlier, which is WED. Damn it!!! Think i am a cow or what, you don't pay me OT, please allow me to rest well for one week, alright??!!

Clean up my room today and put back all my projects, store properly... Throw something also, damn sam tong... But my room got no more space to store. I miss college life so much, my friends, projects...=S HmMMmmmm...

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