Sunday, August 2, 2009

Party Night

Yo, wassup!!! Haha...what a wonderful day i had today=)

Today, still consider Saturday. Taman Ehsan Taekwondo Club is having their anniversary party at Bukit Desa basketball court, so awkward, right??? Since it is an outdoor event, of course, more air, more space and feel so refreshing. Thank god, no rain... I guess god can see their effort, right??? Anyways, i arrived quite late and by the time i arrive, the food are almost kong, but i still eat a bit la... Still not very in the appetite to take so much food. I don't have much photos, most are with ANT, will upload when i get it. It was a fun night though, get a chance to hang around with them, even it is short, but is memorable.

I only have these to share at this moment... take a look at this silly boy...=P

Next plan, Tan Jing's birthday celebration at Island Cafe, Metroprima. Surprisingly, the Mulians are with her, i guess she must be very surprised to have this happen, THANKS to Miss Sin Ying who plan this up; also...not to forget Chun Ming who called up all the peoples to attend and Keng Wei who bought the cake(you really blind lo...cannot see me passed by=P). More details will upload in Mblog which this can be consider one of our outing. Special guest, Sook Ann and Zhee Ping. It was a fun night and we took a lot a lot of pictures, thanks to ANT for the caMARA~~~
Lastly, not to forget to wish her
'HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY, Tan Jing'


YLoong said...

I'm HAndsome,Not siliy...
U shuld record urself oso,so pretty but not in the video,RUgi-nya~~~
Haha...anyway,thanks for everything.

死者苏生 said...

wish Tan jing's happy birthday too,
soli that i cant attend ur birthday party.

Priscillia said...

To YL: Haha...if i post my face here, very 'sit dai' de lor... that's why i don't want=P Later people come my house, knowck my door disturb me..hahaha=P

You are most welcome=)

To Qiqi: i help you wish her...hehe. Got heart huh...qiqi.

sOOk aNN said...

u u u u u call me ant! ?
dont wan to give u pic then u know..

Priscillia said...

Lol, wrong nickname, ANT is for Khan Jack, i shall tag you as 'smart corn', right??? =P