Monday, July 13, 2009


A random post, i do not know what to write.

How i feel right now and what to do later
*feel bored but someone is chatting with me in msn(you know who you are), thank you.
*already finish all the works, feel bored
*is 5.43pm now, leaving at 6pm
*after mummy pick me up, i gonna drop by at someone's house to hand in a form.
*during the journey, i'm going to tell my mum two things, which is quite imporatant, cause at night gonna give someone's answer.
*reach home, relax and get the 'two' special gifts done, ASAP!!! Because it is really urgent.
*get my CV complete
*sleep before 11pm

I feel
*bored as mentioned above
*miss KBU a lot
*miss my bed
*miss someone

This blog very sampat, right...i know. But nothing to do.

Yeah!!! 6pm, babai...


char said...

yes!! i feel bored to works too.. bored and bored and bored!! arrgggg~~
miss kbu too :(
and i miss you too!!
jia you together! it's gonna end all of this so soon~

daryl said...

oh well, hectic-ness... :)

Priscillia said...

To both of you: Thanks for the comment. Haha...i don't know what to reply here, but ermm... You know la, already passed two days since i update my blog. Daryl, you seldome leave comment in my blog, WOW~~~