Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ms Emilia

Today's class was taught by Ms Emilia, a very charming facilitator. Almost 40 years old but she does not look that old and she's very pretty and she's already a mum of 4kids. Married to a wealthy man and she was holding a degree and master certificate; she's not only a lecturer but also teaching part time in Inter Excel.

With all these, she does not need to teach us, cause she already got more than enough to support her living, more than ENOUGH!!! But...she told us today, she can see 'us' like her past and she still want to keep herself on track and update with airlines latest news. Forgot to mention, she was a cabin crew for MAS airlines for four years. After resign, she earned money and continue to study. She told us frankly, the reason why she wanted to join airline is because she wanted to earn her own fees.

So do I, i want to get the money to further my study, not to say i don't have enough money to continue my study, but...i want to expose myself more in different fields, not double degree, but at least study overseas to experience different culture. At the same time, being a cabin crew is a career that make ones really proud, we learn things that we cannot get from books.


char said...

miss you so much pris,
yea, in the future it's always handle by ourselves,
while we are still young, expose to more field might gain our experience. support you always!

Priscillia said...

I miss you too... Miss everyone, i talked to khai rue and wendy today and realize...i really miss college life a lot...T.T

Miss all of you...