Friday, July 17, 2009

I will not on9 tonight, just a reminder, in case some of the Mulians miss me=P Report a bit, in case i lost in somewhere, i will meet up my friends in KL Plaza after i finish work today and stay overnight at one of their house. Hopefully, Saturday i can come back on time for Zh's convo.

My boss had hired two more graphic designers and my workloads had reduced a lot a lot... yohoo!!! Two more new computers are coming in but i might use back the old one, nvm...=)

Time passed really fast, really fast, i wish time can slow down... Is the third day of beh beh's leaving. And i miss her just like the first day she left. I wish i can go to her house that often, but no more until she comes back....

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beh said...

u know i miss u too...T__T