Thursday, July 9, 2009


Not a very satisfying day... Mummy went to OU for Japanese buffet and i can't go because of working...T.T Aiyoh~~~

Secondly, my colleague manage to get a cheaper price for me to buy a puppy, 500bucks. But my mum...don't allow. She doesn't even let me to finish my word, straight away say NO!!! I keep quiet lo.. Aiyoh~~~

Thirdly, a bit emo today, don't know why. Something keep bothering me, i guess is that 'thing', i suppose... Aiyoh~~~

Finally, the grading, I have not get prepared yet... Aiyoh~~~

But!!! One thing to be happy, tomorrow reunion!!! Hahaha, hooray~~~


SHUXIN said...

cheer up pipi..
i know d happy-process is not happy(as i'm facing it too) but...lets happy together :)

char said...

chill~~ rest more will do yea~
miss you =)