Saturday, July 25, 2009


What a lousy day.... Not only in rush this morning, late to work; left early; train delayed and...CRASHED.

It was just a small crashed, i thought i have enough space to take the turn, but my estimation was wrong. I got a slight bumped to the car, things happened at my apartment's car park. I was like stunned!!! oppssss!!! Why not i reverse and take the turn, aduiii~~~ Luckily, both cars are ok. I still feel a bit scared until now, why not i reverse!!! too late to regret, no take two=( I will be careful next time.

Now, my eyes swollen, dark circle getting worse because of not enough sleep, definitely look like a half dead person.

'Quick Quick Quick'....


char said...

PP~ jia you! i guess you are lack of energy, try off drink some "ji jing" rest more~ dont make yourself overload ya~~

Priscillia said...

Thank you char, i love the way you call me like this..haha=)
I never drink 'ji jing' before... Friends are the best medicine for me, i don't need any 'ji jing'=)
Miss you..muackxxxx

char said...

miss you too~~ cant wait for our next trip before year 2 *wink* =)