Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I want to blog yesterday, but by the time i reached home, send mail, is very late. So...i give up=(

As usual, you guys know my working hour. I just need to get rid of this week asap!!! I hate this month!!!

I don't know what I'm thinking now, is complicated. So many things mixed up together, is better to keep myself busy at this moment instead of relaxing on the sofa. Thinking of resign in September because i really need a break before college reopen, thinking of how to throw away those rubbish.

Hoping that Sunday can hang out with Mulians... Don't want to work on Sunday again....=(

Ga yao ga yao!!!


Keng Wei said...

wa..ofcoz dun work at sunday la..
sunday is a peaceful day to rest..
prepare well u mood to go coll again lo..
gambateh la!!

Priscillia said...

To Kw: You too, kw=) Keep it up, let's enjoy study time.
Looking forward to see you back again, miss your annoying voice, haha...=P And your cute fringe=P