Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Yesterday after i came back from training, around 11pm, i wanted to sign in MSN and blog. But, cannot on9 due to whatsoever Internet connection problem.

I guess i seldom sign in to MSN recently, except during my working hour. When i everytime I arrive home, i don't feel like signing in msn. Due to some personal emotional problem. Anyhow, i'm now trying to get rid of it. But i guess these few days i will be quite busy with something, which is really really important to me. Next week will be another better week for me, (i hope*bless me*).

HmMm...i seldom hang out recently, especially with Mulians. Some of them are busy with test, with work, study, etc... Hardly can find a time to come out. More and more Mulians will be leaving on next month.

MULIANS, hopefully we can have one more outing before three of you leave, which consists more than 10 persons to join .


SHUXIN said...

yeahhh!! LETS ORGANISE!!!!

Priscillia said...

Haha, NO PROB!!! Wait for you to come back from the trip=)