Monday, August 3, 2009

Nah Nah Nah, update

Tada~~~ Here i am to blog about yesterday and today's event.

Well...I went to Pavillion yesterday, first in my life time. Previously, i wanted to go there so much, but the place is too high class, not dare to step in. But today, with the accompany of my fellow FA friends, we went there together. I realized, they have a alternative way to go KLCC, @.@!!! Whao whao whao!!! I know right, i am 'sampat'. What to do, i thought KLCC is far away from Pavillion. We just walked around for a while and headed to Sg. Wang to buy cosmetics at Elianto as we know we can get 20% off if we show them our Inter Excel Student card. But...unfortunately, they said my card was expired, so i get no discount...awwww...=S I still bought it anyhow...

Next stop, went to OU with Mulians, watched 'Taking of Pelham 123'. NICE!!! More details, please check out M-blog=P

Today, back to work again. I awake quite late this morning, 9.50am... I turned off my alarm and back to sleep again, who knows, i overslept... And late to work for 25minutes. Luckily, the boss just arrived, if not...i gonna have a bad impression in front of him. Not much work for today, just a little bit of banner and whatsoever... Dare not to think about 'end of the month' yet... Nightmare~~~


char said...

PP~~ getting more pretty liao oh!! seems fun you have new friends with you~ miss you! =)

Cassie Lai said...

Hey,pris u put me here also,n not only once is 2 pic in ur blog...I look so ugly in all d pic face to meet ppl sad lo!

Priscillia said...

To Char: Thank you char... Ya, i enjoy every moment that i spend with my friends. Hopefully sept we can have a great time too=)

To Cassie: offence la... Why did you so care...=.=' You don't look ugly, miserable or terrible, alright?