Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What i like

This is what i like, HOLIDAY=) Went out with mum in the early morning, 7am, visit my aunt and went to market... Reach home, eat, watch tv and take a nap, after half an hour of napping... Someone rang my doorbell, i quickly woke up, changed my clothes and opened the door. It was 'Jing Jing', she stood outside there, i was so surprised, she just came so sudden, she sent me a message but because of coverage problem, i didn't receive any; sent a msg in msn, of course i don't see it, i was sleeping... So...force to wake up lo... And we started our 'PRINT TEE' mission. We did three T-shirt in 3 hours time...

After all, i was sweating and felt so hot... Quickly bath and get ready to training. This time training, sweat a lot, laugh a lot, sampat a lot... Especially those 'PUI PUI' one, who makes so much noise that cause so much laughter...=P

Random pictures are taken as below:

See the 'MACHO' guy, and it is SOoooo BIG...@.@

Of course, not to miss the 'golden opportunity' to pose together with them=)

Fei Lou (take 1)

Fei Lou (take 2)

Fei lou (Take 3)
Next stop, Chandran... (Thanks to 'UNCLE' who treated me and jing, i know...i already owe you a lot=P


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