Sunday, August 16, 2009

R.I.P Sylvester

Even I'm not close to him, but...(so much words that i can't describe by words). Yesterday, when i get to know the news of you, it was a big shocked for me. I just can't believe it came so sudden, when i told Jing who was just came out from the interview room, even she was so happy that she got through, but she cried immediately when i told her the news.

She told me something,
'I feel so regret that i never close with him before even he is my classmate'.

And this...
remind me of something, appreciate everyone who is around you, don't care you like or don't like him/her, just put the hatred aside. Try to love them, treat them sincerely as your friend. As you don't know, one day... He/She might just leave like this...

At night,
In the car,
I heard ZH said Sylvester actually hope that we(Mulians) can pay a visit to him when he was in hospital. When i heard about this, my tears stream down. None of us know he wanted us to visit him and i do not know he was is hospital and seriously sick. I think the last time i saw him was in OU with Mulians, that time me and Zh was sitting on the bench waiting for them to finish movie.

During the funeral,
I saw him, i feel so much(again, feelings that cannot be tell by words). Saw the videos of him, and some words,
'You are not alone, you will always be in our heart, we miss you; we love you, RIP Sylvester'.
I think this sentence tells ours feeling... Time by time, the song of MJ 'You are not alone' was broadcasted. Again, it brings out the message from us 'Syl, you are not alone'.

Until now,
I'm still thinking of this friend.

To Syl,
May you R.I.P, i will always remember you and miss you.

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