Monday, August 10, 2009


Yo...=) First day of holiday, feeling a bit bored a home... So, i decide to make a...SMASHED POTATO. Is not my first time, this is the second time. And i make it!!! Hooray~~~

Here's the process, boiled the potato and the sauce at the same time. It takes so long to soften the potato,about half and hour=S

In order to success, i bring my laptop to the kitchen, looking at the on9 recipe and ask the expert(Ma Xiao Jie) at the same time=)

The outcome...=P (Take 1)

Take 2

Take 3

I think is not bad=P I dare not to put my blog title as 'MASHED POTATO', just in case anyone google and read my blog and...haha...

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char said...

PP... we cook together next time yea.. do teach us how to make that ;)