Sunday, August 9, 2009


Why did you want to attack me twice in a day??? Day once; night once!!! Do you know how i will feel when you said those words to me? What if i say back this to you??? Will you get hurt same as me???

Not the first time you saying this to me, is uncountable!!!

I learn things because i love it, not because i am GREEDY!!! Damn dare you said this word to me??? If i don't take taekwondo, where am i get the scholarship??? If i don't take design course, how can i get my current job now? If i don't take the FA course, how can i learn so much things and get a change to go for interview? Not because i am GREEDY!!! Is because i do things for REASONS!!! Understood??? Reasons??? When i failed, you scold me, when i do well, you will just said 'OK' or nothing!!! Why human always look at the negative side??? Can't you just look at the good side of mine???

Again, this is the last time i tell you, i will make my own decision, as long as i don't get accepted by airlines, i will still continue my degree!!! Stop asking me to quit ,my study!!! Why got such things, parents don't want their children to be educated??? Don't you feel proud when i get good results??? Do you???!!! If yes, stop asking me to quit!!! Unless you want a grade E daughter!!!

Please look further!!! If i get a degree cert, i can get a better job than my current job now!!! I told you, i don't like the ad that i designed!!! You want me to have 1.2k salary whole life??? You always want me to give you a better life, do you think i can do it just with this 1k salary??? Please...put your mind, think further!!! Last time, don't ask me to quit study!!! I am big enough to make my own decision, I DON'T NEED YOUR ADVISE!!! PLEASE STOP IT!!! I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!


SAM said...

PIPI ah... dun angry ya... cool down.. siao mieng sayang.. mieng mieng always support u de... do wat u feel like u wanna do. JUZ FOLLOW UR FEELING.. u r a hardworking girl, sure u can get wat u wan.. ppl dun understand u, no need explain to them and no need angry ya... do something to prove it.. parents usually wont praise theirs children, my parents oso same, but they will feel one day. they will b proud of u... pipi... u r the best... muackz....

Priscillia said...

Thank you very much. I know you understand what i'm talking that's why you said this way.I'm agree with you.
I want her to feel proud of me, i want to let her know, i am not GREEDY!!! The term she used is a big wrong wrong!!!


rujia said...

dear pris..
jia you!!

u can do this!