Saturday, August 22, 2009

light shoulder

Wow!!! I feel so much released now. Feel like a tans of stone had been abandoned from my shoulder!!! Feel so good, MAN!!!

I feel so proud of myself that i'l be able to drive all the way from Kepong-Kelana Jaya(pick my friend up)-Sepang and from there back to Kepong again. lost!!! Tak ade sesat. A big big thanks to YY who told me to follow the signboard from A-Z.

God bless me too and thanks for the signboard=P

At this moment, i really not dare to judge myself whether i pass or fail. I already do my best. Results will come out in one week time.

Great day for me, thank god=)


Ju Lian said...

ey?kena tunggu result ke? how many stages???

Priscillia said...

OF course week. Three stages.