Sunday, August 30, 2009

Chiang Chiang Chiang

Almost one week i abandon my blog, really not in the mood to update because of the phone call. I thought i will receive in one week time, but no answer; no email. I guess I'd failed. but none of my friends receive too. ArHhhh...feel so bad.

OT OT OT, continuously 7 days already. Sunday work, 31st have to work too. DragggggggGGggg...

Finally, i back to training today, sweat a lot; i like it; performance drop a lot; i hate it. Yikes... Got to commit more.

Will update again, hopefully...=)


char said...

hallo~~ dont be sad yea.. maybe there's some technical problem occur.. cheer up~ we will always be your side. dont stress up yourself, take it easy, everything is nice if you enjoy the progress =) miss you ♥

Priscillia said...

Thank you Char, nice to hear your voice ytd=)