Monday, August 17, 2009


'I feel like i need to change.
'I feel myself is so bad.
'Bad person, bad attitude.
'Being so fake sometimes,
never treat people sincerely.
'Being so selfish sometimes,
when i just think about myself.
'Being so impatience always,
always scold in that person in my heart when i'm so not satisfy with him/her.

Recently, things around me are going quite smoothly. I know, god is blessing me. Bless me a lot and bless me two days ago for successful in the interview; bless me yesterday, making myself performing well in the class. Because of this, i mustn't be a bad person, i am fortunate for who i am and i shouldn't take things for granted.

I don't want to be a devil, i just feel myself is so so so bad recently. I don't want to be selfish, i don't want to talk bad things, i don't want to be impatience. I don't want to be a bad person.


YLoong said...

If FeiPo is bad girl,
Thn FeiLou will b Badest Guy.
If FeiPo fake,
Thn FeiLou also quite sometime.
If FeiPo never treat ppl,
Thn FeiLou also seldom.
If FeiPO impatience,
Thn FeiLou will kill ppl when impatient.
If FeiPo scold ppl in heart,is ok.Becoz it didtn let ppl know it and it wont hurt..
But FeiLou scold ppl infront,hurt n pain...

so..take it easy

Priscillia said...

Lol, Thanks Fei Lou=)
I love your comment...
You are such a helpful person; i don't think you are selfish.
Anyways, from your blog, knowing that you will stop training for sometimes. Quite sad to see that though...
But, study is more important, all the best to you.
I'm looking forward for your return=)

Priscillia said...
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YLoong said...

I be back soon...
Now is the time for my study,n the time for my body to recover fully. Too many old injuries need to settle it,if not it will pain back easily...
Dont sad,FeiLou always around FeiPo de wor...
take care...muakxxx