Wednesday, April 1, 2009

KL Design week* Antalis

What a fabulous and wonderful day for me!!!

Today I and my course mates planned to KLCC to see the KL Design week Eco Bag installation. We met up at KLCC around 10am and we walked around to find the installation, but nothing was there and we asked the security, he said they already removed it. So...we decide to go Capsquare, this is another place where they install the Eco Bag.
Picture taken in KLCC, first time seeing a racing car
So, we took LRT to Dang Wangi and asked people around there the way to Capsquare. Walk, walk and walk, about 10minutes from station, we were so excited to see the banner of KL Design week, YEAH!!! We made it! Since it was our first time to go a place we don't know, we feel so smart to get there by our own=P Hahaha....
Walking to Capsquare
We are so smart...XD
Outside the secret tents
We walked in and we found the secret tents and we saw a lot, a lot of Eco Bag hanging up on the trees. Yes, ours design are printed on the bag too. We were so happy because we get chosen. Hahaha.... We were like hunting around the place to look for more of our design printed on the bag.
I found my one!!! ~Grow or Decay~
After that, we walked around Capsquare to see other designers work displayed in the exhibition.

I'm sure this artist took a decades to finish this, it forms by newspaper.

We went back around 12.30, headed back to college for another field trip.

After a super ice kacang under a hot and sunny day, we took cab from Kelana Jaya back to KBU. Chit chat a while in the class because of the air cond, haha....XD Went down to lobby, gather round and moved on to Antalis, a paperpoint at Shah Alam to get free sample from them. Out of our expectation, we got back a lot of nice sample, nice book, super nice!!! It was so amazing, we couldn't believe we can get so much things from there, almost everyone comes back with two FULL bags. Wow!!!

Arrived college around 4pm, quickly take out the stuff and take a look, haha... I was so excited to get so many free things, some more is all in good conditions. Of course, must thanks to Ms Tong Yin for organizing such a field trip to enlightened us=)

What a fabulous day for me, 'double happiness' came at a same time. Haha, life is so beautiful~~~


Ju Lian said...

fuiyohhh! bestnyer got so many free stuff!! ciss i also want =(

Îmªñ ®Å§h€ëÐ said...

"first time seeing a racing car"
> dude, really> u guys have all the F1 stuff here! and lewis hamilton is hot! yay!

Priscillia said...

To Julian:Haha, if you sacrifice one day, you can get all the stuff...=P

To Iman: Haha, i knowyou are a F1 fans. I was, once upon a time=P

Ju Lian said...

no cannot sacrifice for that..=)hehhe, once missed, regret for life!

Îmªñ ®Å§h€ëÐ said...


but jay kay was sexy