Sunday, April 19, 2009

I thought i will always keep my self updating everyday, but I'm wrong... Sometimes lazy; sometimes exhausted. That's the reasons. But promise, after this final project, i will make myself more commit=P By the way, i have another blog which is for my class, here's the link I will update both side too, *but not now la~~~*

Basically, few days back... I was just busy with final projects. Finally, the group presentation ended on Thursday, wohoo!!! Yesterday was TKD grading... Other day,nothing much, buat kerje jeh...

Wonder why I blog so early in the morning, the reason is I have extra time now before I go out at 10am. time to get myself ready.



死者苏生 said...

wah, u really geng, wrote bloG early in the morning.

Iman Rasheed said...

omg! what u do at 10am?!?!

and why am *I* awake??? wendy woke me up! ahahhahah

Priscillia said...

To Soo: Haha, save time~~~ I was waiting time to pass.

To Iman: I always awake before 9am, i'm going to training at 10am, thats why. Haha...i know whats happen,your hard disk, right??? XOxoxo...=D