Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Never thought i will be absent for my blog for three days. I was thinking to blog for the past few days, but i was really not in the mood to blog and i slept after 11pm everyday. That's make me one to save more time to get more sleeping hours...haha=D

Anyways, Sunday i went training as usual. Monday no class because TY is busy, class cancel then. I was staying at home whole day to do my final project(yea~~~). Half way through, going to finish soon...hooray!!! I'm so excited to look at the outcomes, the badges and stuff...hahaha!!!

Today was the MQA meeting, class cancel but i still have to go college for group discussion and MQA. This is how Malaysia's government do thing, meeting suppose to start at 2pm, but the delay untill 3pm. I and others coursemates were waiting at there for more than an hour. And get to know they were just on their way back from lunch, after that go sembahyang. Wasting my time!!!

Huh~~~ Now, i was busying for the group presentation, after that... That will be a big released for me!!! Can't wait!!!



Sheryl said...

hehe .. hope u 55 gao dim ur presentation stuff den can relax lo.. =P

Priscillia said...

To Sheryl: Haha...yes, i wish too. Thanks=)It hasbeen a while inever see your commentedon my blog.