Monday, April 20, 2009

Yohoo!!! At last I've completed the final projects. Well...i don't think I'm going to touch up any of my work, cause i really not in the mood to do so.

I wonder why on earth is there a person can just simply do work like that!!! Better don't do it if you just want to insert picture randomly like that, don't even bother to rotate the picture appropriately, put it accordingly. Darn!!!

One more archive CD left and final test. And...yohoo!!! I'm gonna make full use of this 5months break....
  1. FA course for three months
  2. Freelance (hope i can get a few offers)
  3. Internship for three months
  4. Practice illustration skills
  5. Have my own stuff to sell on
  6. Vacations!!!!
  7. Change my blog layout!!! (i'm having a hard time to make my blog look interesting.)


Iman Rasheed said...

i love the second paragraph. i tried telling her to put more effort etc and she told me i was 'messing' with the wrong person and she dont need advice from me and did u see how she totally ignored me wen i gave her the badge? ahahahhahha the world wont be an interesting place without naiive ppl like tht.

anyway, im gonna be shit pissed if she passes! i mean come on!! even the weaker students in class i can see by the end of this year are trying so hard and really improved. even Q! lol

Priscillia said...

Yes, i saw. Maybe you are the first one, thats why she has so many things to comment about you. But i pity Zk, when she said last 10seconds, he's like rushing like hell, cannot finish presenting.

Me and Wendy were praising your work when you're presenting and we even think you are the 'cream of the crop' in our class. I know you won't bother about what other thing,be who you are and you are good=)

Happy to see Q did some work,i guess he can proceed to Year 2 with us.

Iman Rasheed said...

I'm talking about nadea laaaaaaaa! not TY!! lol

and yesss! Q is actually really good in his illustrations! If only he would try harder. but i guess he will, cos this is a big step for him too! lol

死者苏生 said...

5months break!!!

why so long?

Priscillia said...

To Iman: Wow iman!!! How smart you are, you know i'm talking about her. Haiyah...i tot your comment id for the blog i wrote in GD08'. Yishhh!!!

To Soo: waiting for junior....=S

chrysalyst said...

kudos to Q, he really shouldt say that his illustrations suck cuz they dont..maybe no one really gave him positive encouragement thats why...all the best to him