Thursday, April 9, 2009


SHUXIN said...

so random @@
Cheer up :)

Îmªñ ®Å§h€ëÐ said...

OMG pris! no TIME for slide show todayyyy...had foto shoot, had to go help out a friend with this emergency, and was doing stuff to show TY...i still havent done my part. i mean i know wat to do, but havent done it. im gonna dieeeeee. by monday SUPER FINAL will be done ok! tomoro (friday, which is like today now :P) we discusss

Priscillia said...

To shuxin: Haha, i got no time to blog, thats why just two words. You see my blogging time is 11smtg, which already exceed my sleeping hour..=P

To Iman: Haha, is okayYyy... As long as we can finish on time. You do a lot in this project. Thank you very much=)