Friday, April 10, 2009

Hey hey...=)

I feel hyper today; happy too although my work was rejected by Ty=P Look at the bright side, i can save cost and workmanship compare to previous one, just my effort all BURNED!!! Is okayYYyy....

Anyways, talk about today... I went to MQA meeting just now, ermm... yea, i should be proud cause I'm selected, but the briefing session sound like asking us to ACT for their own sake. Maybe we can get benefits too cause our cert get approved by the LAN government. Frankly, i know nothing about the credits hours and stuff... Now i know!!! I will just answer from my heart, will not follow what they told us to do (maybe a little bit). But something i really disagree, i strongly think that 'outcomes is more important than process', but they don't think this way. Even though i answerd process is more important, it is not!!! Even i think TY will never judge our works on the process, maybe a little. I'd tried to do so many research and whatsoever, at the end... she sill still look at the outcome. So, if the MQA people ask, i will just answer, outcome and process are the same.

Bought some super cheap plain tee from DFO today, and i'm really looking forward to 28th April, yohoo~~~



char said...

wow~ they asked you to act in front MQA people huh~ how dare they did that :S
well, same here,i cant wait the day we'll hang out for our trip although just a place that near our place =)
that's the reward for being suffer now, cheer up

cassiopeia said...

im glad to know you stand in the bright side instead of the dark.
for me i will stand in the dark for sure LOL..(ignore me whatever)

outcomes is my consideration when doing something and the process is the way for me to gain more experience so i can't really making conclusion on which is more important. may be it's like what you trying to say, both is important!
well, i won't comment too much on your work , but im sure one there there might be someone who can fully appreciate your work too!
keep it up!

Îmªñ ®Å§h€ëÐ said...

DFO in one utama? i want plain tees alsooo! how much u got? is te size like SMALL haha

char said...

DFO in center point iman~ =)
well, it's pretty cheap

Priscillia said...

To char: they didn't ask me to act, but follow what they told us to do.
Haha, i already book the room, waiting for their comfirmation=)

To yy: nice to see you leave me a msg. your english seems improve a lot, really alot!!!
Thanks for your support, i will always by your side too. hope we can meet up and hang out again...

To iman: haha, char already answered for me. Take escalator up from ground floor and turn left, you will see the shop. Really really cheap!!!

To Char: Thank you darling...=)

Îmªñ ®Å§h€ëÐ said...

ooh i know tht one! cool. will go check it out