Thursday, April 2, 2009

Awake at 5am today and go to 'Fu gui Shang Zhuang', a graveyard to sweep a grave. Reach there around 7am, the grave is so clean and we don't need any cleaning for it, so we just put some food and as usual do some praying stuff. Left there around 10am and arrive home at 11am.

Once i reach home, i quickly continue back my work because going back to college at 12.30pm for tutorial. My mum off today,so i asked her to let me drive alone to college and will come back around 2pm. She said okay at first but she insists to follow me to college for one time and if i satisfy her, i can drive alone next time.

Reach college at 1.10pm, i am late... Once i get down from the car, I see TY and she says 'Wah, you drive ar....' I just smiled....=S I know i am late, but i know is okay to be late, cause TY just come back from lunch. I took my own sweet time to the class and wait for TY. The tutorial was nothing much, but my last minute work get compliments from her which was out of my expectation. Now i realize, the reason i go for tutorial is to get her 'approved' for my process, only is she says OK and i can move on. She even says, 'you come all the way here just to show me THESE??? Petrol very cheap izit?' I was speechless for 3 seconds. 'YES, i am!!!' But, anyways, her advice is always useful for me and i really have to be independent in every project because when i go out to work, no one is going to guide me like that.

After tutorial, i quickly leave the class because mum is waiting outside. Next stop will be Jusco Kepong. We didn't go in because no parking. Before we i went home, we go to Watson buy some stuff.

Reach home around 4pm, clean up some stuff, bath and watch drama with mum until now... I didn't do any work today...=P

Good night.

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