Thursday, April 30, 2009

Trip de KL 3.2

I'm backKkk!!! Went to Legend Hotel for 3 days 3 nights. I know, is KL!!! Who cares??? As long as I enjoyed with my buddies!!! Haha...

Be patience, I'm going to tell you my journey step by step...

On Tuesday, 10am we sit for the quiz. Went to McD for lunch and head to Station Kelana Jaya and take KTM to Putra and check in.

We got two rooms and 3 bedrooms, two kitchen, three toilet, everything in double, triple... I didn't know the rooms are so big and we're just 5 persons, one room stay empty and we realize there is a third toilet in our rooms when we want to go back.

After hanging around in the room, we move on to the next stop-Times Square. We bought something there. Around 6pm, we leave there and meet Iman at Kl Central.

The next day, we go to Sunway Lagoon..yohoo!!! Watch x-men too...

Last day...AwWw...=( Go home.

I lost my watch while coming out from the train in the first day, the crowd was crazy, they squeeze and squeeze, imagine i was the meat in the burger and someone is biting it, the compression... Walao!!! Smelly some more, they all like hungry people, holy shit! I should kick their ass!!! My watch...arHhhh~~~ Eventually, i bought another one at Sunway Lagoon with the exchange of my deposit.

I love you all...thanks for joining the trip=)


Iman Rasheed said...

aiyo! u lost the watch on the train?!?!?! i ddnt know! i thought like beforeeee! tht sucks! and i ddnt know zhen kuan was with u guys! he shud have joined too! haha but all girls right :P
i'll be uploading my blog today with pics and some pics on our GD blog:P

char said...

love you guys too =)
i did having lots of fun with you guys~~ ^^

Priscillia said...

To Iman: Haha, he sais no no no... He left earlier when we were at Times Square.
I'l will check it out later..haha=D

To Chalene: We'll have another next year...=)

sOOk aNN said...

yoyo.. leng loi.
KL ppl stay at KL.
still wan to go kl hotel and play..
Cool eh.

Actually if i have friends love kl trip i also will do it geh. hehe

Priscillia said... long as i can stay together with friends for a few days, i don't mind the place... Hahaha.
5.5, Star track ya?