Monday, March 30, 2009

Work harder

Yesterday was a big day for me. It had been a long long time i never take part in any competition after i passed 18years old. Sound so not nice when my age start with '2'. I am no longer teenager, i am 'young adult'=S

Anyways, this was a INTEC(Inter college) competition which was held in UiTM at Shah Alam. 9persons from my club took part. Overall, we got one bronze medal. At least we didn't go back with empty hand. Congrats=)

Me??? I lost... Is predictable i would say. Bad performance in the ring. I will not take part in any competition again until i get back my confidence and skill.

Of course, disappointment is falling upon me until now. But experience is worth more than anything, at least i learn something and i will train really hard as long as i still in TKD.

The competition ends around 9pm and went for dinner.

The Great Hall of UiTM

I met Aimi(High school friend) there.

The only winner, bronze medalist, second from the right. Congrats.
So...this morning as usual i go to college. Nothing much of working progress to show tutor. Hence, not much opinions from her too. I got to push myself to the limit to get the best result for this project no matter what. Good luck peoples=)
Good night.


levanan said...

no nid feel disappointed as 'fail is the mother of success'... hehe

Îmªñ ®Å§h€ëÐ said...

u linked to my lomo blog =P i deleted it the other day and uploaded my pics on the lomo web society site. i have like 2 films to process. so lazy to go develop them. haha.

anyway, here's my blog link:


Priscillia said...

To Gun: Haha, thanks. I'm recoverd now. =D

To Iman: BOO BOO~~~ Thanks anyways=) So efficient!!!