Thursday, April 23, 2009

So...what's on today. ErmMM...went to college to help Iman for the title thing. So...we busy for whole day until 5.30pm i went home.

I definitely feel much much better today, time heal everything, but i cannot guarantee when i faced this problem again(which is going to be this week or the coming week), i can cope with it or not. I believe i can because MALAYSIA BOLEH!!!

I spotted this dog while i was walking to a printing shop @ Uptown. It was my first time seeing this type of dog, i was once saw in TV before. OOooo~~~i want a dog so so muchhHH!!!!!

Ending picture before we dismissed.


Iman Rasheed said...

LASSIE! haha its such a handsome dog! the next best looking dog next to the husky!

AliVe said...

first time coming
u duno me
n i oso duno u de
come here through ppl blog link
dun mind it

Priscillia said...

To Iman: Haha...i thought is 'LESSIE'. I fotgot the name, thats why i didn't put...=P

To Anon: I don't mind=) thanks for visiting...