Tuesday, October 6, 2009


2nd day of class, reach academy half an hour earlier, in case of any 'late'ness' cause i don't want to give them my L.O.V.E (letter of valid explanation).

Something i had learned today is do with the blog title. Don't want to explain all the details here, in case i lost any precious reader who will be bored of reading my blog talking all just about training.

I slowly get use to the place i'm staying now, can fall asleep easily when i'm on the bed, can 'Shit' as usual which is very good. I don't cook, but i'm ok with the food i take everyday.

I miss someone very much....


char said...

i know you miss me so much. hahah!
i do miss you too!
gah yao together!

nzhaoc2pid said...

take good care there~~

死者苏生 said...

dun MISS me leh!!!
quite happy to see you enjoy your training life.
Add oil!!