Saturday, October 17, 2009


I love KEPONG, when everytime i come back to my 'HOME SWEET HOME', i feel like i need more time before the weekends say goodbye to me.

Yea, this morning, after six hours of sleep because of last night 2am yc 'Happy Hour' at Station One, i went out with mummy at the early 8am and afternoon hang out with college mates.

Luckily Charlene ask me when will be the 'PWRC turn?', if not, we will not be able to make this meeting successful. I spend a lot, really a lot!!! But on those stuff that i really need it, want to buy it so much since last week. I wish we have more time to hang around there, even for the 'meat ball' movie if possible. But too bad, both of them got to leave at 5pm.

I arrived home, drag a while and nap... Here i am to blog about today and back to sleep again...Hahahahahahaha

The powerful of CA-ME-RA
makes the memory last forever
I'm looking forward for another one
Each time gathering is the time i treasure the most.

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char said...

yes~~~ at least we made it! right? we went for "meatballs" today~
looking towards 2 weekssss later..~ miss you so much~!