Friday, October 16, 2009

I am back to Kepong once again. Day by day, more and more things to catch up. Cannot be lazy even for one day. I'm enjoying my life pretty much at this moment. I will never feel fed up for getting up early everyday to attend the class. Nice place, nice people.

Everytime i come back to Kepong, first thing i ever do is text one or two of the Mulians. I will never miss any chance to hang out with them, they are always part of my life. Another thing is, TKD. Since last week tournament, i really wish i can commit training every week, but i know i can't. Last but not least, KBU mates. When i saw they tag me in facebook even though i am not in the picture, i feel... Those feeling cannot describe by words. I miss everyone of them. I will never feel so until i really into that situation. Yet, life still goes on, everyone has their own life, own path.

Less than two months to go=)


char said...

feel so sweet.. at least we wont forget as a part as you are one of us, PWRC~ foreveeeer! bff! muacckss~

Priscillia said...

I really glad, very glad that WRC still treat me as a part of the PWRC. I never thought the bond between us still can remain that stronw even i already left. I feel so thankful to have a bunch of good friends like you all.
BFF!!! Muackxxxxx