Sunday, October 4, 2009


Say BYE BYE to Kepong; say HELLO to Sepang.
I came back from training, bath and straight away pack my luggage, moved everything into the car, PHEW~~~ Sweat Sweat Sweat. Took my lunch and going to take a nap now before i drive there.

I don't know i can get any Internet access over there, but...just to inform all of my friends, for those who concern or not concern. I am moving out from my home now, will come back this coming Saturday for competition purpose. After that, i will not come back that often, as i said before, the cost of travelling is really killing me. AwWWW...i gonna miss a lot of people here, Mulians especially and of course, KBU mates and Taekwondo buddy.

Hope my life over there will not bored like a dead fish, books and laptop will always be my best entertainment. Those who has any interesting story book, please pinjam=) Pleaseeee~~~

That's all from me. BYE=)


Ah Eng ~ said...

bye bye ~ will miss the time we all training together ..... gudluck in ur future ~

ng hooisan said...

DO come bck more often.....
gonna miss u lot....

Anonymous said...

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Priscillia said...

To Ho Eng: You will still see me in this coming Sunday=) I hope i can go back to training every sunday as usual if i get a chance to go back there. All the best to you too=)

To San San: I will san san=) take care