Sunday, October 25, 2009

I do not know why the post i posted yesterday is mysteriously MIA. Well...the mood on yesterday compared to today is totally different. I came back from Sepang, i was saying i enjoy my life over there very much and i just learned First Aid. Taught by Pn. Siti Zamrud who is a very good instructor. Below is the picture that i took together with Pn.Siti and my fellow batch mates on the last day for First Aid. yesterday, Mulians celebrated Zheng Hao's birthday who is known as the Mulian's DAI LOU. From 12am to 4am. First in my life time. Alcohol, juices, food, snack, Karaoke and most importantly MULIANS which had made the celebration became a really nice and successful one!!! Well, i get a bit 'dizzy' yesterday, but i am still conscious.
AwWWW...i feel like life is so beautiful. With friends, family...=) I feel so glad...

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