Thursday, October 1, 2009

I feel bored to stay at home... So i decide to go back to KL plaza to hand in the present and go back to college to meet my coursemate for the 'last few times'.

I am not as cheerful as last time; not as real as last time. I don't want to get influence by you. After a few days, i can stay away from this horrible place and away from your face.


char said...

will miss you always my dear PP, there's always PWRC!
do well always remember what ever you met, we will always support you by behind.. dont get down easily..!
gah yao~!
love yea~ take care and miss you lotss~

Priscillia said...

I will miss you too.. PWRC, our badge..hehe.

Hope our dream that we said that day will come true=)

You work hard too...keep me update,i will always keep in touch with all of you.

Love you a lots...muackxxx