Friday, October 30, 2009

Dare to Dream

Today's class... Out of sudden, expectations, Anthony Francis Fernandaz walked into our class. I really impressed for his achievements and his humble towards everyone. Not stingy in giving anyone an opportunity to achive there dream. Therefor, they told us 'dare to dream'. I do have a dream, not just to become a Flight Attendant, but...i wish i can become a pilot. Sounds weird huh... But ermm, i hope my dream will come true.

At this moment, i got to focus on what i suppose to, FIRST. Pass stage 1, follow by 2 and 3 and so on...

Well...exam is coming soon, i do not have much time to hang around. Work hard and achieve more!!!


MDRT ChonG said...

Yea !

Dare to Dream !

Keep Your Mind Positive Always !

And Keep Your Dreams Inside Your Mind Always !

Keep Telling Yourself That You Can Do It!

Find Out The Right Method !

Do The Right Things !

Keep Repeating !

Keep Holding Your Dreams !

Keep On Going Despite Of Challenges !

This Is How Our Dreams Can Come True !

You Don't Want It To Come Also Cannot !

Mark My Words !

#Proven By Experience .

All The Best To You ! Gambateh !

=) take care as well ..

Priscillia said...

Very sincere comment. I like it...
As you said, all the Mulians are 'ren chai'. I believe everyone of us can make our dream come true=)

All the best to you=)