Saturday, October 31, 2009

AHhHhhh...what a lazy day. I HIBERNATE for the whole evening, from 4pm to 7pm, not too long, right? That's why i am quarter HIBERNATE.

Meet up with SOME of the Mulians, only SOME. Most of them are beeesieee, last time we use to have more than 10 together, 6, 5... and now only 3!!! So pathetic. Exam season, that's why loRrr...

Well, i decide to go back early tomorrow as i really can't concentrate when i'm in Kepong. Unless someone ask me out, i might stay abit longer.

Off to bed...zZz


Yi Ling said...

Pris..ur blog really worth to visit coz all d contents u wrote also very interesting n easy to understand.Moreover i can knw u more frm here & knw wat is happening to u, no need everytime call u tat might be make any inconvenience caused to u/disturbing u...This is the most interesting blog tat i had seen.Gambateh!!!I'm always ur fans & supporter (Cassie)

Priscillia said...

OMG, first time receiving such comment. Thanks a lot... This is so inspring.
But, you are welcome to call me anytime you want. I am happy to chat with you. REALLY!!!
See you on Friday ya... I'm looking forward. All of us squeeze in a room, no problem...hehe=)