Monday, October 5, 2009

All Star

First day of class, it was tiring, from 9am to 6pm. But it was a really happy day that i had. Videos, lectures, 5inches handouts... I know there's a lot more things to learn.

I'm glad i had chosen the right airlines (at this moment, i think), those videos are really inspired me a lot. They treat everyone as human being, no ranking and working in a big family. One of the lady whom i really salute her, she was once a Flight Attendant and now she is a pilot, how great is that!!! From a no one to someone.

I'm looking forward for tomorrow's class. A lot of rules and regulations to follow, but...this is the process. Bare with them for 59days, and hopefully i can graduate and get the 'silver wing'.


char said...

waoo~~ silver wing~ why dont get a gold one?
seems you are kinna happy with what you have now. gah yao!
wait for the next meet up.. miss you!

=JuJu= said...

woOOhhh!!! YES that lady, ong sook min if not mistaken =)
do u wanna be a pilot nx?hehhe! GO PRIS!!!

Priscillia said...

To char: Gold is not for me, haha... I hope i can get gold one day also. Good luck for your study=)

To Ju: Ya, is her. want, of course i want. Will see how first...=)