Saturday, June 20, 2009


That'r right, marathon!!! Not a competition but is about today-MARATHON routines!!!

5.30am-awake and jogged for 6 laps at Manjalara park with 'Little monsters', thanks to sook Ann for the ride.

7.30am-went home and get ready for next TKD class at Balai

8.00 to 9.30am-training

10.00-went to work, thanks to ZP for the ride, i know right... I have to contribute something to you, so devil weihHhh~~`

11.30-went home and get ready to FA class

12.00 to 6pm-having class at inter excel

7.00pm-finally at home and get ready for 8pm tkd class.

Damn!!! I need a break, i will go to bed immediately once i back from class. No outing today, no no no!!!


YLoong said...

I'm feiLOU,nt little monster.
even monster,i also the strongest one,kaka.
U really really busy comment d.But good also,atleast wont feel boring n empty.but oso need to take care ur body lo...


Priscillia said...

You too...fei lou!!! Take good care of your FEI body=P