Sunday, June 21, 2009

You are not a MIGHTY!!!

Today is a really bad day for me!!! I hate it!!! I pay extra RM2.10 for the stupid monorail ticket cause i use the wrong ticket to pass. Is too complicated to explain here. Damn!!! So useless, why can't they just do 'return' in a ticket instead of two???!!! Stupid Indian girl still argue with me, no customer service!!! Lousy people!!!

Another thing... I hate someone who think he/she is so super, so mighty!!! Said things that hurt someone feelings, can't this person think twice before he/she scold us??? Why shall we respect a person who is not respecting us??? Damn you!!! You think you are so mighty, so super??? Yea, maybe you got the power, but please do not simply just scold me like that!!! I will prove to you i still can make it no matter what!!! For me, you are not mighty!!! I already set my target and i'm sure i will reach the goal!!!


nzhaoc2pid said...

scold u?
not gua~
if yes den sorry ya~
don so angry~
cool down cool down~

Keng Wei said...

jz take it as a motivation
a road to succes is not easy..
but i believe that u can did it=)
last time ppl also look down at me
jz ignore what they say and work hard to achieve ur aim=)


Priscillia said...

To Zh: perasan meh. Not you lar... Even though you always ask me 'chi da bian', still not the big impact on me until i will write a blog to say you lo...=P

To KW: You are right, i agree with you, thanks kw!!! I love your quote=)

ng hooisan said...

i think is the guy at ur working place rite?
tat guy who ask u to stand up n say u look childish is it?
aiyo, don bother him la...
s long s u do wel in ur part!!
all the best...
don get angry bcuz of that stupid, my dear...

Priscillia said...

To San San: Half right, half wrong, i will tell you more detail when i see you=)

死者苏生 said...

who dare to scold and hurt u ,
give me the location,
i go to find him/her.

no matter wat happen,
M groups sure support u!

Priscillia said...

To Qiqi: Haha..thanks qiqi, this comment already enough to make me happy, no need to scold that person, i will prove to him!!!