Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Phew...no update for a few days, feel so uneasy and therefore... I use my working hour time to blog=P

Yea...Sunday as usual, went to training in the morning and class in the afternoon. I went there with my new hairstyle, comfirm kena critic kau kau... I know la...majority said not nice, but minority said its okay...=) First of all, the big thing about Sunday is... Mr. Hillary, the principle of Inter Excel talked to me... He called me 'Xiao Mei Mei', damn it!!! I have to be more mature in order to go airlines interview. So...i'm not ready for the coming Air Asia interview yet. I planned to go actually...but ermmm...I"M NOT READY. So...Mr. Hillary treated me and two of my classmates a dinner near by KL Plaza, along the road there, i forgot the restaurant's name. Anyhow...he is a nice person to mix with, but...i still scared to talk to him.

Monday, back to work with the new hairstyle. Again, facing the people who see me first time in the short hair, they will et suprised...=S While i was waiting for mum, i went to Jusco to buy an ice-cream. After i finished, get a call from SK saying i have to go a Weight In session tomorrow. Damn it...i'm not in weight. So...i went for jogging at 8pm, kinda scary because it is too dark... When home, send brotehr home and moved on to 'Chui Sui Ba' for beer session. Pretty tired, but is worth it because i get a change to see my dearest buddies. Thanks to Daryl first of all=)

Tuesday, send brother to work and pick up Jing for jogging session at Manjalara Park. About 5 laps...i already exhausted, hungry since yesterday...=S After that meet up at balai by 10am and moved on to Stadium Badminton Cheras for weight in session. I'm not in weight, one more kg to lose... So, together with Hong Hwang, with jog around the stadium for about half an hour... but then!!! Sir David came by and said my weight category is from 47-51kg, where i do not need to lose any weight. ArhHhh...damn it.... Why the 'someone' will not tell me earlier???!!! ^$#@#@*
Okay..whatever... i'nmin Fly weight and got a free t-shirt from them. Went back to Kepong with Public transport cause no one is there to send us home...

So...tomorrow is the big day for me...arhHh...nervous!!!

Got to go....i'm late....Babai!!!

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