Thursday, June 11, 2009

Getting deeper... Seems like things are going to come to a full stop. I got my salary today, but is quite disappointed to see the little amount, get scold from mum for getting such a salary... Yea, i did learn smtg from the job, but is quite stressful though. I don't know i shall continue or not, three more months to go... I will think properly before i make the decision. As usual, nightmare is always there when come to the end of the month. No dare to think a bout it... i mentioned, i went to a competition. I achieve something quite disappointed. But i earn something, which is FRIENDSHIP, thanks for the BROTHERS who went there to support me.

It is a big big shame that i lost without finishing the fight, the scene is still fresh in my mind, it flash back every minute, every hour... looking back to the video over and over again... No matter what, i must train hard, i must achieve my aim!!!

I don't know what to blog here, my mood get affected by someone, 'sometwo' i shall said. I hate those people who EMO easily and showing their face right in front of me, what the hell man!!! Go back lar if no mood. Shit you!!!

ArHhh....take a deep breath and exhale all the bad things out!!!


YLoong said...

My dear FP,
Take it easy,
No one born to be superstar,
No one born to be champion,
Champion n Superstar born by TIME.
Control urself,relax,k?
Smile thn everything will b fine.


sOOk aNN said...

yo... Pris//
EMO EMO... hmm,
I see...
Don't upset, anyway, I miss you so much eh..

meichizz said...

dont worry miss P..
Dont get sad..
Take tis as experiences!!
I believe during ur next competition u will get better and better..

ng hooisan said...

pipi, m group support u always!!!
anything must share wif us o...
anything, anytime, anywher, & anyone u nid to talk to....
do take care well....
love u always!!

Priscillia said...

Yloong: Thanks you Fei Lou=) Youa re such a supportive person.Lets work hard together, we know we can make it one day!!!

SOok: A billion sorry if orgot toinform you notraining today, no one inform me actually, i got to know from zp when i called him ytd. Thanks ann...i know you got the 'flame' the determination in TKD, we can succeed too!!!

Mei Chi: Amboi...mane datng ini meichi??? It has been a long time you never appeared in my blog. Thanks for your comment... I know you still concern about me.. Terima kasih Kak~~~

San San: Thanks San San... thanks for ytd yc session and i lvoe you too...-=) Good luck to you ineveryhting....i believe you can be a success person in future=)

M3IChi said...

amoi amoiii amooii..
i everyday oso concern ur blog geh.. i awez came along to ur blog once i connected to internet.. u see, u got how important for me dear..
surprise ler.. im stil here with you.. dikkk~~

Priscillia said...

To Mc: WAhai...your display pic so leng looi... Must be changed a lot already. i everyday sampat my blog, not concern=P Miss you...muackxxx