Sunday, June 14, 2009

Is Sunday!!!

It had been a few days since i last updated... I got no idea why the time pass so fast. ErmMm...Friday went to OU with Mulians for movie, errr....the star upon five. Sorry dudes, i do not know why the movie so boring....=S Went to Wong Kok for dinner, i didn't eat because i just taken an ice-cream after work. Mulians moved on to Chandran for second session, i couldn't join cause i got to wake up early next day.

Here come to Saturday, a day where i represent KBU in athletics event at Stadium MSN(Majlis Sukan Negara), not the MSN you guys are using...lame~~~ I must notforget to mentioned someone here which is JH for waking up early at 6am in the morning and sent me to college, accompany me for almost half an hour in front of KBU before i depart from there. THANK YOU very much brother!!! I left earlier after my 800m run because my legs are cramed, i couldn't continue for 1500m. I sportmanship, right??? But...i really cannot continue the running. So...i asked the team manager to send me to nearest Putra Line so thati can go to KL Plaze for the FA course.
Everything ended up worse on Saturday, my phone no battery and i couldn't contact anyone to pick me up from station when i came back from KL Plaza and that time i was late to TKD class. I used the public phone to call my mum but i got into voicemail. So i contact my brother to send the message to my mum and my mum came at 8pm which i already very very late to the class... I feel so alone that time, standing one can borrow me a phone and i don't know who to ask for help... yalar...i cried a bit lar...cause TENSION ma...!!!
Things turn better after i finished TKD class and recharged my battery and my hp message alert nonstop ringing... Now i know, i can't live without a phone=S Yea...joined Mulains for YC at Chandran after that, i left at 11.30pm, sorry lar...i know i just went there for a while, but i was exhausted.
What's in my mind now is...'I MUST WORK REALLY HARD' to achieve my aim. Of course, i don't want myself to be so stress out too, as my hair...arhHh...drop all over the floor. So pathetic!!!


Schmartypanz said...

shit there was an athletic meet and kbu took part?! aiyo, last time i wanted to take part it was in terangannu and only for malaysians!

i miss running =(

YLoong said...

Here cum Ur supportive FEiloU.
Hmm...athletic leh,i want oso impossible(Cuz fat lo).U used to be our skul olaragawati,so i think no problem for u.
u ah u ah,relax bit lah.If u keep on tension,thn soon i cant see the Pretty FeiPo d...
Take care ya


Priscillia said...

To Iman: They have this Inter College competition held every year. If you're really interested, i will tell Mr Hoo from SSD, he might get you in=)

To yl: Yo...Fei lou!!! Wa supportive wor... i know you are my blog big fans, right??? Thanks for leaving comment to me everytime, i appreciate it...haha.
Haiyah...'i used to be', that was long time ago, i cannot get back the stamina to run like last time lor...
I'm trying to be more relax and cheerful=) Thats why you will see me smile everytime during training..haha=D
You too...happy always.